Cumberland County is taking community input as it works towards creating a parks and recreation master plan.

Mayor Allen Foster said a survey is up on the county website HERE Foster said if the county is going to spend money, it needs to be on what the people want.

Foster said having a master plan in hand opens a lot of doors.

“When you can go and you’re applying for a grant from the state, federal or wherever and you can submit the parks and recreation plan along with it,” Foster said. “It just goes to show that you have done your homework and you’re not just haphazardly asking for something. You’re asking for something that’s needed and a part of a plan.”

Foster said that many grants even require a master plan to be eligible. Foster said he has heard residents wanting more trails and pools in the county, but wants to see what the data shows when the survey closes.

“We will be looking at doing a town hall,” Foster said. “There’s been a small focus group, you always start really small with a focus group and got the questions together. We’re doing the survey, and ultimately we’ll do a town hall or town forum and all the other data that we’re gathering will be packaged together into our plan.”

Foster said there has not been a decision on the master plans length, because having one that’s fresh and up to date is key. He said it will likely be a five to 10-year master plan.