On November 5th, 2022, City units responded to Wal-Mart for a theft report. Before arrival, Wal-Mart loss prevention stated a female in a pink jacket left the store with items without paying for them and got into a small blue truck. Two officers made contact with the truck and the occupants at a residence on Hwy 70E. While speaking with the subjects they were informed that the female in the pink jacket was at her residence on Genesis Rd. County units responded to the address on Genesis Rd. and placed the Female, later identified as Nicole Maclellan, into custody for theft. There was a teal backpack in the truck that the male stated belonged to Nicole. The bag was open and inside an officer observed a black Puffer vest and multiple knives in the original packaging. The male stated Nicole stole the items from Rural King

Officers contacted Rural King loss prevention and described the items Nicole was in possession of. Rural King loss prevention stated they do sell those items. Once in intake an officer showed Nicole the backpack and she stated it was hers, but denied being the owner of the items inside of it. Once a search of the backpack was conducted Nicole stated the black puffer style vest was hers; but also in the backpack were the knives from Rural King in their original packaging which Nicole stated were not hers.  Officers told Nicole they believed the items were stolen from Rural King; however, she refused to speak about them.

On November 9th, 2022 officers arrived at Rural King and made contact with loss prevention. They observed on CCTV Rural King video surveillance that on November 5th, 2022, Nicole Maclellan entered the business with a large empty bag wearing the same black puffer vest found in the backpack. Nicole went around the store with a buggy and got a pink jacket and then went to the knives section. Officers observed her take from the shelve the same knives later retrieved from her backpack in intake. Nicole then walked around the store and went towards the main exits. Nicole exited the store with the jacket and other items concealed in the buggy and left without attempting to pay. 

Later in the same day Nicole re-entered the store wearing the stolen pink jacket. Nicole went around the store and gathered shirts, a hoodie and glasses. Nicole then can be seen on camera exit the store with a large bulge under her jacket concealing items. 

No further information is available at this time regarding these incidents.