On March 4, 2023 City units were dispatched to a Burnett St. Village Inn Apt in reference to someone barricading from inside a vacant apartment. Upon arrival an officer spoke with the manager who stated that no one was supposed to be inside of the apartment. The door was locked and closed. The landlord told the officer that he did not know how people got into the apartment. 

Multiple officers were able to the door open. They then went inside and located Mr. Charles Houston and Steven England  hiding behind the door and Chris Kearley and Ashley Rector in the bathroom. Mr. Kearley was in the nod and there was a broken methamphetamine pipe on the floor. Ms. Rector had exaggerated movements and had admitted to using methamphetamine. Chris Kearley was then laying on the bed and was in the nod overdosing. Officers then called EMS for his safety. One officer spoke with the manager and he advised that none of the subjects had permission to be inside of the residence.  An officer ran all the subjects name through dispatch to check for warrants. 

Dispatch confirmed that Mr. Steven England had a warrant out of Van Buren County and that they were sending a hold. Dispatch also advised that Mr. Charles Houston was banned on 07-30-2021 from the Village Inn. Steven England, Ashley Rector, and Charles Houston were placed under arrest for criminal trespassing. A warrant was written on Christopher Kearley due to him being transported to CMC for treatment. An officer served those in custody with the warrants during intake and Mr. England was also placed on a wait to be extradited to Van Buren County .

On 03-04-2023 at a later time an officer observed Mr. Christopher Kearley standing on the property of the Village Inn and placed him under arrest for the warrant that had been written that morning. The officer then transported him to Intake for booking.