On March 15, 2024 City units were dispatched to 1340 West Ave (Clayton Homes) in reference to a male subject wearing no shirt, punching the side of the trailers, cussing the sign in the window, saying that he has guns and was laying on the ground. While en route a second officer got a direct phone call in reference to the male subject.
Upon my arrival, another officer and I made contact with the male subject and asked what he is doing to which he stated that he is just “doing some raging.”. While walking towards a patrol vehicle the male subject went to reach his hand in his left pocket. I grabbed his arm to let him not reach in his pocket due to officer safety issues. He then spun towards me, stated “get your motherfu****hands off of me.” and attempted to grab me around the neck. I then under-hooked his left arm and leg and swept him causing him to go to the ground. I fully mounted him to control the situation to which the second officer then grabbed his left arm so that he could not hit me.

I then identified him as Mr. Stacey Austin a known violent offender towards law enforcement. Due to Mr. Austin causing a scene in public and having people call in on him due to his erratic behavior, I placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct and resisting, stop, halt, frisk. I transported him to intake for booking.