Scams are running amuck lately in our area costing locals thousands of dollars.  First and foremost – do not ever comply with anyone advising you to get gift cards and give them the numbers. That’s the number one method scammers are stealing money.  A Fairfield Glade woman lost a lot of money when she had a number pop up on her laptop from a fake “Microsoft” notification.  Said her computer had been hacked and she should purchase gift cards so they could balance her bank account that supposedly had been compromised.  It was a scam – she’s out $4,000. 

The very same day a woman noticed a pop up on her laptop that said ‘Helpline”.  She called the number and a scammer told her to withdraw money from her account and deposit it into a bitcoin account but first she needed to send a photo of her driver’s license so he could set up a bitcoin account.  She did as she was told – now she’s out $300.00.  Again, do not interact with anyone that contacts you about your computer being hacked or any other person who wants your personal information and advises you to move money in your bank account.