It’s a sad day when an elementary school in Cumberland county is no longer considered safe for students.  Cumberland County Sheriff Casey Cox has been quoted saying Homestead Elementary is his “biggest fear” and safety concern in the school system due to the multiple buildings being so spread out and the open walkways where students and faculty have to travel during the day.  At one time, the architecture of the school was considered one of the most appealing schools in the county.

Cumberland County Commissioners met with Director of Schools William Stepp last week for a presentation addressing safety concerns at Homestead Elementary School.

For a short-term recommendation, Stepp is recommending all playground equipment and activity areas be moved to the rear of the school, behind buildings and the installation of a

6-foot fence around the rear perimeter of the school’s property all the way around up to the front drive.

A long-term recommendation is the construction of a 20-room new addition on the rear of the school being connected through the current cafeteria.

Homestead Elementary is a very historic and unique school built in the 1930’s during the construction of the “New Deal” era of the Homestead Project under the FDR administration.  Only in the past few years has the school been deemed dangerous because of its open and separate classrooms connected by breezeways. The school system is working to ‘enclose’ students to try and prevent someone from having access to students for possible harm purposes – such as recent numerous school shootings