On September 16th, 2023 a City Police Officer responded to Lefty’s BBQ on Genesis Road for an overdose. Upon arrival Crossville City, Fire and EMS were already on scene. The officer made contact with them in the bathroom inside the business along with a female identified as Chryl Lynn Wilson DOB 12/22/80. The officer observed a piece of burnt foil laying on the ground where Ms. Wilson was located. He then conducted a probable cause search of her person and while searching her he located a cut red straw in her back pocket. The straw had a powder substance inside of it. The officer asked Ms. Wilson if she had taken or used anything and she stated that she had smoked some CBD. He advised her that the burnt foil and a cut straw was not consistent with the use of CBD. She still stated that it was CBD. EMS asked if she wanted to go to the hospital and she declined and signed a refusal.

Once she was outside she finally admitted that she didn’t smoke CBD, but that she had smoked an Oxycontin Pill that caused her to overdose. Due to Ms. Wilson being intoxicated in a public place and being a danger to herself and to the public she was placed into custody and transported to the Cumberland County Justice Center for public intoxication.