On May 6, 2024, a Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to Oak Crest Drive in response to a possible prowler looking inside of a woman’s window and possibly taking pictures. Upon arriving on scene, the Deputy made contact with the Complainant who stated that she was lying in bed when her dog started barking. She looked towards the bedroom window and noticed flashing coming from outside the partially opened blinds. She stated that she got up and went to the front door to investigate at which time she noticed a white male running back towards his house across the street.

The Deputy and his partner made contact at the residence where the man had run to.  The man stated that he conducts routine security rounds in the neighborhood for safety reasons. However, it was determined that the man is not a certified security officer and is not working in a security capacity on the property.

The man further stated that he did not go up to the Complainant’s window and also stated that he did not have a cellular phone or access to any type of camera or audio/video recording equipment.

The Complainant stated that another neighbor currently has cameras installed around their residence and she will check with the property owner to see if the cameras show the man at her residence.

The man has been banned from the property at Oak Crest Drive and has been advised of what would happen if he returned to the property.

Due to the fact that no arrest was made the name of the man is being withheld at this time.