1271084_10152203108461729_809245696_oPeople in Mt. Juliet used a community Facebook page as a crime-solving tool after a woman was robbed. Within hours, some suspected crooks were in handcuffs thanks to the observant neighbors     .Many of the posts on the page Hip Mt. Juliet are about events, garage sales, new restaurants and recommendations for a good plumber or electrician.

It turns out the members also fight crime, and even according to the professionals, they’re pretty good at it.

As Lillie Whitehurst unloaded her groceries Thursday, she did what too many of us do.

“She left her purse in her buggy, which is common. Probably not safe, but it’s common,” said Mt. Juliet Police spokesman Sgt. Tyler Chandler.

Two men in a white Mustang then rushed up.

“Grabbed her purse, jumped back in the car and then they took off,” Chandler said. “We couldn’t find them.”

That’s where the more than 10,000 members of Hip Mt. Juliet got to work.

One member saw the crime take place and posted a car description. Another saw a car matching that description up the road.

The posts continued, and within three hours of the robbery, a group member saw the car and called police.

“I called the Mt. Juliet Police Department because I had just read the post on Hip Mt. Juliet,” said group member Ashley Tuck.

“She got her purse back, she got her phone back, she got her wallet back, she got her car keys back,” Chandler said.

Officers found two men trying to hide their car with a tarp: Jonathan Boyd, who was wanted out of Nashville for a probation violation on attempted second-degree murder, and Jacob Gerg, the accused getaway driver.

“I hope they get punished to the full extent, because that should happen to no one,” Tuck said.