On Sunday March 31st, 2024 Fairfield  Dispatch advised that they had received a call from a concerned citizen about a man. The caller advised the man told him that he was sick, had not eaten in several days and needed to speak with an officer.   The officer responded and made contact with the man in his garage who stated that he did not have enough fuel in his vehicle parked in his  garage to make it to a gas station or to go to get groceries. He further stated that his grandson had driven his vehicle and brought it back low on fuel and possibly low on coolant. The man stated due to this he had not been  able to leave his residence to get any food and he was completely out. He stated he had not eaten in several days and asked the officer if he would go pick him up something to eat at Weigel’s. He stated that he had misplaced his phone and  was unable to call anyone to deliver food as well. He further stated he does not see his family very often, maybe  a couple times a year and can not count on them to help him.

The officer asked the man if he liked Weigel’s pizza and he said he did. The officer offered to get him a pizza and bring it to him. He agreed and asked for a Pepsi as well. The officer bought a pizza  and Pepsi for him and brought it back to him at his residence.  The man then asked if the officer knew of any one that would  bring him some fuel for his vehicle. The officer  advised that he would bring him some the next day on his day off.  The officer also also looked  at his vehicle to see if there were any other obvious issues with it.

The officer then asked him if he needed medical assistance or anything else and he stated  he did not. The officer then said goodbye and said he would see him the next day with his fuel. The man thanked him as he left.  We do not have the events that transpired the next day but one thing is for sure this officer did a very kind deed and there are many more like him in departments all through Tn.

CNF thanks officers everywhere for all your hard work and kind deeds and appreciates all you do!