Many readers of Facebook were shocked to learn that Crossville may be losing its multiplex Rocky Top Ten Cinema.  Revolution Church minister Josh Cardwell announced to his congregation that Rev Church, which meets currently in the Outlet Mall, had entered into a contract to purchase the Rocky Top Ten Cinema and would eventually use that venue as their church meeting place. Primary reason for purchasing the theater, which had been listed for sale earlier, is because the Rev Church was probably going to lose the Outlet Mall as a meeting place in the near future and the cost of constructing a new building was just too exorbitant.  Purely by happenstance, a member of the Rev church discovered the theater was listed for sale and negotiations began by the Rev Church to purchase the theater.  At one time in years past the Rev Church leased a portion of the Rocky Top Ten as a meeting place for the congregation.

While  Pastor Josh Cardwell wasn’t able to give much more information to his congregation, speculation spread like wildfire that local movie goers were going to lose the theater entirely.  CNF contacted knowledgeable sources to learn if indeed there would no longer be a contemporary movie theater in Crossville.  What we were told is that at this time a contract to purchase the theater has been signed by both parties with an estimated closing date within 90 days on the purchase of the theater by Rev Church.  Additionally, the plans are to lease, in whole or part of the theater, to a third party for continuing operation of the theater as it is.

Rev Church realized purchasing the Cinema would be a much more affordable option as obtaining a larger venue for their growing congregation of 1,100+ members but have no intentions of shutting down the existing theater as it is operating now.  CNF was told that specifics of the Rev Church acquiring the Rocky Top Ten Cinema would be announced in a press release within the next three to four weeks.