On 5-3-2023 city police responded to Mountain Village in reference to a physical domestic disturbance. Upon arrival an officer spoke with Kristi Osborne at the bottom of the stairs leading to the apartment. She stated her mother had struck her in the face. The officer did not observe any marks on her face. Kristi Osborne had an odor of alcohol about her person and admitted to have been drinking. 

The officer then went to the apartment and attempted to make contact with Kristi’s mother. After knocking on the door for a few minutes she eventually opened the door holding a butter knife. The living room of the residence was in disarray and the television had a broken screen. Her mother explained that her daughter had became agitated over someone speaking wrongly about her. She further stated her daughter then became violent with her striking her in the face, and pushing her onto the bed. The officer observed ice cubes on the bed that she stated spilled during the altercation. He also observed medications on the floor, that she stated was also from the altercation. She further stated that Kristi Osborne assaulted her, threw a safe at the television, and knocked over a shelf unplugging the house phone before leaving the apartment. Kristi’s mother didn’t have visible injuries at the time of the report. 

The officer spoke with Kristi Osborne again and she stated she didn’t know what happened to the television, and that the argument started over medication getting knocked over. The officer attempted to have Kristi tell him step by step of what occurred and she stated she wouldn’t because he was the Police. 

With the aforementioned facts, The officer determined Kristi Osborne to be the primary aggressor. She was arrested and transported to the Cumberland County Justice Center. The officer signed and served an arrest warrant for domestic assault, and bond conditions on Kristi Osborne.