On 5/21/23 a city police officer was in the area of Genesis Rd. at the intersection of Interstate Dr. when he noticed a tan Toyoata car. While watching the vehicle, the officer found that the passenger was watching him very intently; and, as he passed by the Toyota, the passenger turned sideways in his seat to watch him. This aroused the officer’s suspicion because it was an abnormal behavior. The officer continued north on Genesis Rd. and then turned around and followed the vehicle as it was traveling south on Genesis Rd. He kept following the vehicle until it entered a 30 mph zone and was still traveling 39 mph. They passed a 30 mph sign and the Toyota continued to speed. The officer then initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle as it turned into the old Heatheridge Apartments. The officer turned on his spotlight so that he could view the occupants in the vehicle and monitor their behavior and had to turn on his siren to force the vehicle to stop. As the vehicle was coming to a stop the officer noticed that the passenger in the vehicle threw a white ball type object out of the window. The officer alerted dispatch of this and made contact with the occupants of the vehicle. As the officer approached the car the occupants were moving around so he gave strong orders to them to put their hands on the roof and then called for assistance from other officers.

When other officers arrived on scene the initial officer explained that the white ball like object was laying in the grass next to his patrol car. Officers went to the indicated area and immediately found a white 32.92 gram ball of methamphetamine. The passenger was then identified as Mr. Kurt Sanders and he was placed under arrest. While officers spoke to a female identified as Ms. Jennifer Avans, she was asked consent to search her person, which she granted, and while searching Ms. Avans, an officer felt abnormal objects in Ms. Avans pants. Ms. Avans then stated that the objects were meth and marijuana and that they had fallen into her pants. Ms. Avans was then placed under arrest and both were transported to the Justice Center for booking. While at intake Ms. Evans was strip searched and was found to be in possession of .1 grams of methamphetamine.