On November 9, 2022  units were dispatched to a Hayes Street Apartment  for a possible physical domestic. Upon arrival an officer made contact with a man that was observed to have blood on the upper right side of his lip.

The man stated that his nose was bitten and he was struck by his girlfriend, Jami Lee Jones.  The officer made contact with two females in the residence one identified as Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones was asked what took place and she stated that she and the man had shoved each other, but nothing else had taken place between them. Officers spoke with the other female about what took place. The woman stated that Ms. Jones had been in an argument with her and that Ms. Jones had then went back into her own room. The woman then stated she heard yelling and the man being shoved and that she heard the man yell “you bit my nose”.  The woman further stated that the man walked to a neighbor’s apartment downstairs to contact 911 and that Ms. Jones threw his phone out of the bedroom once he left the apartment. Officers observed a cell phone on the couch belonging to the man while speaking to Ms. Jones. The man  later stated on his written statement that Ms. Jones had taken his cell phone away from him while he was attempting to contact 911

Ms. Jones was found to be the primary aggressor and placed in custody and transported to the Cumberland County Justice Center for booking were she was charged with Domestic Assault and Offense Of Preventing Another From Placing A 911 Call. Ms. Jones was informed of her bond conditions, she acknowledged and signed them.