On April 15, 2024 a City officer observed a White and Blue Yamaha Enduro style motorcycle with two passengers to be driving on Elmore Rd. with no visible license plate. The motorcycle turned left onto Livingston Rd, accelerated at a high rate of speed and ran the red light at Livingston Rd and Miller Ave. turning right onto Miller Ave. The officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop by activating his lights and siren. The motorcycle accelerated at a high rate of speed running the red light at West Ave. and Miller Ave. The motorcycle turned right onto Sparta Dr. accelerating again at a high rate of speed and started swerving into both lanes of travel. The motorcycle kept traveling on Sparta Dr. and ran through the four way stop with stop signs. The motorcycle turned left off-road onto a trail beside Hughs Farm on Sparta Dr. The officer lost visual contact, but heard it in the distant traveling toward the Holiday Dr. and Deerfield area. City units and County units set up a perimeter and started a foot patrol in the general area. 

Officers started foot patrol at the last known location of the motorcycle. They followed a tire track and met up with other officers who had found a white open face helmet and multiple cheese burgers from McDonald’s scattered on the ground. They kept following the tire track and found a White and Blue Yamaha motorcycle left laying on its right side with the key taken out of the ignition. One officer confirmed the bike’s engine to still be hot and ran the VIN number. Two officers stayed with the motorcycle, while two more kept searching the area. One of the officers observed a second white open face helmet laying on the ground by a fallen tree. Both officers then observed a male attempting to hide himself behind the fallen tree.  One officer drew his department issued fire arm to provide lethal cover and ordered the male to place his hands in the air and roll over on his stomach, he complied. He was then given a order to place his hands behind his back, he complied and was placed in custody. The male was identified as Richard Eric Shuey Jr., and was observed to have a key laying beside him on the ground. Mr. Shuey stated that he was sorry and ran because he had a revoked driver’s license and knew that he did not have a license plate on the motorcycle. He then stated that the key on the ground belonged to the White and Blue Yamaha. He was asked who the female was and he stated he did not know who the female was, but he let her off the bike when he left the roadway and entered the trail.

Two of the officers kept searching the area for the female, while two others escorted Mr. Shuey back towards the motorcycle. One of the officers drove the motorcycle to Deerfield so it could be towed by the next scheduled wrecker company. Mr. Shuey was escorted to a patrol vehicle and transported to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office for booking. He was charged with Evading arrest, Driving on Suspended/Revoked license, improper display of registration, running a red light x2, running a stop sign, and no insurance. The motorcycle was towed to Lantana Motor’s tow yard. The female had not been found or identified at the time of the report.