November 9th, 2023

On  November 7th, 2023 while patrolling Highway 70 East, a city officer observed a white Chevrolet Cavalier swerve from the travel lane to the right hand turn lane, almost striking a traffic cone in a construction zone with workers present. The vehicle then cut in front of another car causing the other car to take actions to avoid a collision. The vehicle then turned onto Rock Quarry Road where it drove across the center line, across the oncoming lane, and into a ditch before turning back onto the road after several yards. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle on Rock Quarry Road with lights and sirens activated but the vehicle still failed to stop.

When the chase reached Oklahoma Rd., the vehicle stopped briefly and pulled over, but it started moving again when the officer exited his vehicle. The vehicle then traveled into oncoming traffic on Rock Quarry Road stopping at the intersection on Highway 70 East for approximately 25 seconds with traffic stopped on the roadway. The officer continued onto Highway 70 East heading eastbound where he pulled the Chevrolet over on the side of the road several feet before the construction zone. Upon making contact with the vehicle the driver would not comply to officer commands to turn off and exit the vehicle.  Two other city units were able to position their vehicles to prevent him from further fleeing. One of the officers was then able to enter and turn off the suspect’s vehicle and place it in park. Other units removed the driver, placed him on his stomach, and handcuffed him behind his back

The driver, identified as Mr. Robert Lee Arrington, had the odor of an alcoholic beverage, was not responding to officer commands, and was unsteady on his feet to the point he was unable to stand up on his own.

Officers did not perform field sobriety tests due to the level of intoxication of Mr. Arrington. 

During the officer’s search of the vehicle, city units found 3 small bottles of Fireball 33% alcohol content, a small bottle of Southern Comfort 50% full, and a can of Mike’s Harder Black Cherry 8% alcohol content all within reach of the drivers seat. During the officers’ inspection of the vehicle they noticed damage on the front bumper along with yellow/orange paint transfer. The vehicle was then towed from the scene by 1-40 BP. An officer then transported Mr. Arrington to the Cumberland County Justice Center.

Upon the officer’s arrival at the Cumberland County Justice Center he applied for a search warrant of Mr. Arrington’s blood, which was granted. Mr. Arrington was read the implied consent form and he refused to sign after several attempts by the officer to get him to understand the form. The officer then transported Mr. Arrington to the Cumberland Medical Center for a blood draw. While in the hospital Mr. Arrington had several instances of spontaneous utterances stating he had too much to drink. A blood draw was then administered  by the Cumberland Medical Center staff producing two vials of blood. After completion of the blood draw the officer transported Mr. Arrington back to the Cumberland County Justice Center.

The officer then applied for and was granted warrants on Mr. Arrington for driving under the influence, reckless endangerment, evading arrest, violation of the implied consent law and he was issued a city citation for driving on roadways not laned for traffic. The two vials of blood were placed into a TBI toxicology kit and were labeled and placed into refrigerated evidence at the Crossville Police Department.