On 9/15/2022 Crossville police responded to the area of West Ave at Blue Bird Motors for a vehicle crash with injuries. Upon arrival contact was made with a grey Honda Accord that crashed into five vehicles at Blue Bird Motors. The male driver was found by officers around the side of the building in possession of an empty box of White Claw beer with him. There was a black plastic piece that was laying beside the beer box that was found to be from the bottom of the Honda Accord in the crash. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Mr. Tyler Flowers.

Mr. Flowers smelled of  alcohol and the officer ordered him to walk to the front of  his own vehicle. When Mr. Flowers began to walk the officer noticed that he could not walk a straight line and was unsteady on his feet leaning to the left. The officer then grasped Mr. Flowers by his shirt sleeve and tried to guide him to the front of his police car and attempt to perform sobriety tests . Upon attempting to get Mr. Flowers to stand in the instructional stance for the nine step walk and turn, Mr. Flowers immediately began trying to perform the test before being instructed to do anything.

Mr. Flowers could not start the test because he had an inability to listen to instructions due to his intoxication. The officer then attempted to get Mr. Flowers to do the one leg stand and Mr. Flowers attempted to stand on one leg but again due to his level of intoxication he could not perform this task. The officer then made the decision based on Mr. Flowers’ intoxication that he did not have the ability to perform the task in a manner that would be safe for him. Mr. Flowers was then asked to submit to a blood test and he denied. Mr. Flowers was then placed under arrest and transported to the Justice Center. While at the Justice Center the officer applied for a search warrant for Mr. Flowers’ blood with the Judicial Commissioner’s office and they viewed that there was probable cause for the search warrant and granted it. Mr. Flowers was then transported to the CMC lab for a blood draw. After the blood draw Mr. Flowers was transported back to the Justice Center for booking. The two vials of while blood seized from Mr. Flowers left and right arms was placed into evidence at the Crossville Police Department