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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Jack Harmon’s death certificate shows that cardiogenic shock and a nonfunctioning mechanical heart valve directly caused his death on September 13, 2021. However, Harmon’s family argues COVID-19 is what really killed the 80-year-old from Blount County.

“He knew with his age and his heart condition it could be deadly to him. Ironically enough, I feel like it was, but not in the way we thought it would be,” Harmon’s daughter-in-law, Ashley Harmon, said.

Mr. Harmon’s death was due to no available hospital bed for him because all were filled with COVID-19 patients,  READ FULL STORY HERE


  • Sherry

    This is a touchy subject but many of the full beds were filled by unvaccinated patients. If even one of those bed was empty due to a vaccination, this gentleman would probably have survived.

  • Ryan

    Where are you getting your numbers. I would bet that most beds were taken by the vaccinated

  • Ryan

    Where are you getting your numbers. I would bet that most beds were taken by the vaccinated

  • Linda

    People vaccinated are in the hospital too with Covid. I realize you hated to lose your father in law. The man was 80 years old with a heart condition. So sorry for your loss. We all have an appointment with death. Be ready.

  • Mike

    I get my numbers from all of the reliable fact checked major news organizations. It’s simply and clearly a fact that the majority of hospitalizations in the US are unvaccinated people. Sure vaccinated folks end up in the hospital too but the MAJORITY of cases especially serious cases are unvaccinated. The ignorance and mean-spirited tenor of these replies is not surprising but the facts are simply there for all to see. The stupid sick refusal of so many Americans to take simple precautions and get a safe effective vaccine will go down as an inexplicable and shameful black mark in our history.

  • Maggi Kelley

    That is so Deplorable what you posted , are you truly that COLD hearted???? SMDH

  • Kelly franklin

    No, the Maryville paper publishes each day records from the hospital and virtually all the patients are unvaccinated. The last time I looked, I believe it was 28 unvaccinated and 4 vaccinated.

  • Bill Benson

    Stop kidding yourselves. Anyone that wants to pretend that the unvaccinated don’t make up the vast majority of those in the hospital with COVID right now, purposefully have their heads buried in the sand.

    Notice I said, VAST MAJORITY, for those who want to say but.. but.. but.. vaccinated people are in the hospital too. That is 100% true but the vast majority are not vaccinated. This is a claim that is a simple and easily found proven and verifiable fact.

    Of course, those facts won’t be found from “news” commentators. Namely, those found on networks like Fox who in court classify their commentators as entertainment. Openly saying on the record, that no reasonable person would be stupid enough to take them seriously.

    Sadly, they were not charged with perjury for their ludicrous statement. Knowing full well, that their commentators, on a daily basis, extoll and perpetuate lies. All in the name of profit. Are treated as if they were Moses descending from Sanai with the sacred word, instead of the golden calf they are in fact worshipping.

    The more noise that they create in their echo chambers goes in hand with the increase in the amount of money they take in. Which in turn does nothing but continue the divide that separates us more and more.

    People these days love their Gadsen’s flag. “Don’t tread on me” to denote their individualism I prefer Franklin’s first depiction of the flag.

    “Join, or Die,” a woodcut of a snake cut into eight sections. It represented the colonies, with New England joined together as the head and South Carolina as the tail, following their order along the coast.

    Without unity, we as a nation and as a world leader will cease to exist. When that happens, I suggest you brush up on your Chinese.

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, my sympathies to the family of the deceased. It’s truly regrettable that these “news” sites are capitalizing on your loss.

    To the rest of you spectacularly egotistical hollier-than-thou authoritarians, did you bother to read the source article or did you become a shining example of a headline-only-reader? CNF (as usual) conveniently left out a few pieces from the source article. For example:

    “I don’t think I have the right to tell somebody they need to get the shot or they have to have it. I don’t think anybody else should be able to say, ‘You have to have it.’ It’s a choice. But like I explained to my wife the other day, if you don’t want to get the shot, you get sick, stay home.” – Donnie Harmon

    Sounds pretty damn reasonable to me.

    As per the numbers, yeah, un-vaccinated are the majority of hospitalized. At the same time, do they report how many were of advanced years, obese, or had other health issues that make them more vulnerable to the virus than the average? Of course not. because… narrative. How many of them had some other issue where it was too risky for them to take the shot? Suppose they had an enlarged heart or multiple sclerosis? But by all means, let’s demonize them!

    This is why I am so fed up with the non-stop propaganda not only from this garbage heap of an ad dispensary masquerading as a news site but with every moron out there trying to pressure people into taking the shots. A young soccer player in Ireland who was otherwise healthy was pressured into taking the shot. He painfully died days later and the media over there reported it as “died after a short illness”. The family had to turn hell over earth to get it out that the young man was perfectly fine until after the shot. Please for the love of God don’t just blindly stick your ass in the air because the guy or gal on TV said to.

    Continuing, if you are taking your medical advice from someone on a screen whom you’ve never met in person and making decisions based on that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you at a really good price! This whole “just shut up, don’t think, just do it” is PRECISELY what led to what happened in every authoritarian rise in history. The vaccine should be discussed between you and your TRUSTED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. No one else. Period.

    Now what about the study from Israel where someone who has caught the virus and developed natural response to it are 27x more protected than someone who just got the vax? How many people have had the virus, were asymptomatic, and have a bunch of natural 27x more effective antibodies in their blood streams and are still being badgered to take the shot? Doctors are actively telling people who have natural immunity that taking the shots will ruin the natural immunity. Never hear that talked about… because narrative.

    As per it being safe and effective, more and more reports of heart inflammation are pouring in. So much in fact that some European nations are suspending some of the vaccines. Also, their effectiveness has been majorly exaggerated beyond recognition. There is risk in EVERYTHING, including the vaccine despite what our self-proclaimed lord and savior Fauci would have you believe. If you have certain commodities or of advanced years, the risk of the vaccine may outweigh the risk of the virus. I don’t know. Talking head from insert-media-source-here doesn’t know. That is between YOU AND YOUR DOCTOR.

    Hell, I implore you to not take my word for it. Look it up.

    If all this was on the up and up, would the censorship and propaganda be necessary?

  • Anonymous

    Unity isn’t the same as conformity. And it’s mandarin, dumbass.

  • Benjamin

    Your assumption is incorrect. The VAST majority of cases occupying hospital beds are the unvaccinated. Simply search for “vaccinated vs unvaccinated icu %”. You will find studies that focus on this topic. There are also multiple dashboards available that present the data as well. Those that are unvaccinated are a clear issue to public health, both by spreading the virus and occupying hospital beds which prevents those with preventable or treatable issues from being treated. There are many instances of the lack of beds in hospitals, due to the unvaccinated, preventing proper treatment and resulting in deaths. If you are unvaccinated the hospital should send you packing, and if they do allow you to be treated, insurance or any other subsidized support should have no obligation to cover the cost. Same as alcoholics or smokers going to the bottom of the list for transplants. No mercy for the willfully ignorant.

  • Bill Benson

    I love it when trolls respond and the best they can do attack form over substance.

    As for unity vs conformity.

    We have two ways to see today’s situation.

    1. A mandated shot is an overreach of the government, despite the fact that even our founding fathers did it. I am an individual that doesn’t give a fuck about anyone other than myself and especially not my country’s well-being, most likely because a democrat is in office.

    2. While nobody likes being told what to do, using the ability to reason I understand a mandated shot is something that is as needed today as it was needed then. I am an American, I want what’s best for my fellow citizens and my country. Right now what is best for us is by being united together against a problem that affects us all. Kicking Covid’s ass so we can get back to plenty of toilet paper, fully stocked shelves, and hospital beds open for people that would normally need them.

    Hmmm which stance makes us a heartless anti-America POS and the other asking not what his country can do for him but what he can do for his country.

    Being from this area I have to say I generally see those as picking the first option as steadfastly holding that belief because they are brainwashed in right-wing identity politics.

    Now troll I apologize I didn’t realize you were such a linguist.

    As for speaking “Chinese”, the troll is right. We must not speak colloquially and use Chinese to reference a language. Despite that fact, that even the Chinese will refer to Pǔtōnghuà as Chinese. Don’t take my word for it google “Standard Chinese”

    We must conform and use the proper word as troll has ordered. Not because it’s what is best for anyone, it’s just that troll insists was speak. So I will rephrase my last sentence.

    Without unity, we as a nation and as a world leader will cease to exist. When that happens, I suggest you brush up on the 302 different languages of China.

    To make it easier here is a list of the 13 most common according to

    1 Standard Chinese (Mandarin)
    2 Yue (Cantonese)
    3 Wu (Shanghainese)
    4 Minbei (Fuzhou)
    5 Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese)
    6 Xiang
    7 Gan
    8 Hakka
    9 Zhuang
    10 Mongolian
    11 Uighur
    12 Kyrgyz
    13 Tibetan

    If these are not to anyone’s liking you are personally free (as long as troll doesn’t mind) to use any of the other 289 languages.

    Please don’t tell troll that also refers to Mandarin as standard Chinese. It might upset him.

  • Norm E

    That’s unfortunate. The media is not sharing the fact that most hospitals are OVERWHELMED due to the staffs quitting because they choose not to take the forced jab.

  • Norm E

    That’s unfortunate. The media is not sharing the fact that most hospitals are OVERWHELMED due to the staffs quitting because they choose not to take the forced jab.