A Crossville man has lost $3,500 to a Microsoft scam.  The 92-year-old victim told Police he was on his computer when it froze up. 

A messaged popped up on the screen along with a contact number that appeared to be from Microsoft .  The victim called the number and spoke with a person who called himself Andy Lupas.  The victim was told that Microsoft would unlock the computer for $4,000.  The victim was then instructed to purchase gift cards.  When the victim did not have enough funds to purchase $4,000 in gift cards, the amount was lowered to $3,500.

The victim was told to go to Lowe’s and purchase Sephora gift cards on his credit card.   The victim was then told to read the numbers off the back of the cards, which he did.  It was a scam.  Please remember, never click anything on your computer or phone unless you are absolutely certain of the source.  Also, anytime anyone asks you to purchase gift cards as a form of payment, it is always a scam.   If you have elderly friends or loved ones who are online, please inform them about such scams and tell them to call you before they click, call, text or communicate in anyway with people they do not know.