Crossville News First is pleased to welcome our newest partner PHAT HEMPIES to our advertising family. PHAT HEMPIES is a Tennessee based company which is owned by Wilsons Hemp and Honey Farms who started growing in 2015. People were skeptical about hemp when they first started growing.  Only 40  farms started the first year across the state.

They knew it would take a couple of years not only to get their crop grown correctly but to get the laws in place to actually market and sell their products. So they started branding early on with PHAT HEMPIES and also set up their own manufacturing facility in Blountville Tn called Farmaceutical partners LLC.  They now develop and manufacture their own brands, white label for some large companies and bottle for some of the largest companies in the hemp industry. PHAT HEMPIES is now sold in 7 states and growing every day all from the farm right here in Crossville. Their newest line of topicals called KANOPI is coming soon.

For those people that are not entirely sure what CBD is, it is a hemp extract. First and most importantly while hemp is derived from the cannabis plant IT IS NOT MARIJUANA! Cannabis has two species.  It grows as a male and a female plant. The male plant is hemp and the female plant is marijuana. The male plant is where CBD oil is derived from and contains a minuscule amount of THC. The hemp oil from the male plant is extracted with all the cannabinoids except for the THC, which means it has all of the beneficial properties of cannabis without the lightheadedness from the THC.