News agencies, for some unknown reason, have taken the wrong direction on the recent Atlanta killing of 8 people at massage parlors.  Major outlets are exploding with headlines about the killings being racially motivated and calling them hate crimes against Asian’s.  While there are several reports throughout America of hate crimes against Asian’s, this was not one of them. This was about ‘sex addiction by the suspect’s own account.  News outlets are sayings things like “despite a motive not being known” even though 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long told authorities he shot up the massage parlors because of his sex addiction and the parlors were responsible for keeping him coming back for more. Long told investigators that he blames the massage parlors for providing an outlet for his addiction to sex,” a press release stated. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said that he was heading to Florida after the shootings to possibly commit other crimes.  What the national news is not pointing out is that massage parlors like the ones targeted by Long are typically sex parlors.  They are all over the country and many operated by Asian’s.  While the parlors do offer massages – they offer a bit more for a bit more money.  Sometimes these ‘extra’ benefits are called ‘happy endings’ meaning the women will perform some kind of sex act on the customer.  Long’s excuse for shooting up the parlors is in no way reasonable or right. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for multiple murders. But if the police are going to do their job there needs to be a discussion on the widespread criminal activity of illicit massage parlors acting as illegal sex facilitators not to mention the ‘sex addiction’ problem in America. The Atlanta Police stated that at least one of the parlors targeted by Long was a legitimate massage parlor as far as they knew.  For some reason, the shooter’s admission that the killings were a result of his sex addiction is being totally downplayed by the media and police and instead portrayed as an Asian hate crime.