GrinderHouse Coffee House in downtown Crossville has been designated as an “Official Location” on the Tennessee Music Pathways!

Tennessee Music Pathways is a state-wide driving tour program identifying, interpreting, promoting and preserving a broad perspective of great and well-known as well as the important but possibly unknown Tennessee music events, locations and stories. The TMP also promotes the world-renown live music scene present in the State of Tennessee.

Grinderhouses’ Asa Reese told CNF they are very honored to be designated as an official location of the Music Pathways.  Reese went on to say what this can mean is much more tourism revenue brought to Crossville since we’ve “been put on the map” so to speak for the Tennessee Music Pathways.  Turns out there are hundreds of tours conducted along the Pathways throughout the year with millions of tourists both from the States and other countries visiting the U.S.

A letter from Tennessee Department of Tourism Director Kevin Triplett was received this week by the Grinderhouse – it reads:

When we looked at live music locations, we concentrated on established destinations that have been open for years, in some cases even decades; much longer than the Grinder House. But the steps you have taken for programming, songwriters events that fit the Soundtrack of America and the TMP project as well as the broadcast partnerships and the reach around the world certainly fit what we are trying to do with this program.

Kevin Triplett
Commissioner,  Tourist Development

Reese feels Crossville should take advantage of the drawing power Cumberland County has to bring more tourists into the area including beautiful scenery, quaint shops, The Playhouse, The Palace Theater and other music venues throughout the county.

More information is available on the TMP program by following the link below.