Election-DayMany counties in East Tennessee will open their polls for local primaries today. But early numbers show the interest in this election is low.

In Cumberland County, only 12 per cent of the total registered voters voted early – with a projected 20 per cent expected to vote over all.

Experts say the reason several voters won’t vote is because there is no national election. However, voters actually feel the impact of issues decided at a local level everyday.

A lot of our most important issues, our county’s progress, the safety of our citizens, and one very important issue many talk about all the time: being tough on criminals are in the balance in these Primaries.   Several Judges seats are on the line in today’s primary.  Insuring we have the right person for that job is very important.  Not to mention the District Attorney’s position – the person who is responsible for prosecuting criminals and getting them off the street.

Even though this is a primary election, the  Cumberland county Road Superintendent race will be decided today since there is no Democrat candidate.

There are only three local county races in contention today, Sheriff, County Mayor and Road Superintendent.  Five county offices have no opponents.  That’s a first for Cumberland County.  And there is no multiple Democrat candidates in any race.  All Democrat candidates on the ballot will be in the General Election in August so voters will be deciding which Republican candidate will face off with the Democrat candidates.

The polls are open till 7pm this evening.