(WATE) A Crossville man was arrested after law enforcement found multiple blue, white and red lights on his car as well as a Federal Bureau of Investigation badge.

George Matthew Leeds was booked on warrants for narcotics, criminal impersonation and violation of probation. Crossville Police Department said when Leeds was arrested there was an active violation of probation warrant out for his arrest.

The police department said they arrested Leeds at a house on Golden Brooks Drive in Crossville. An officer saw a car pull into a driveway that matched a report of a car with flashing blue lights on the dashboard.

Leeds originally told officers his name was James Daniels and the car was his brother’s car. When the officer asked Leeds to the lights on his car on to see what color they were, he consented.

While Leeds turned the lights on, the officer noted a gold badge on a chain with a case laying in the console. When lights were turned on Leeds had a mini light bar on his roof that was blue and a duel LED strobe light in his upper windshield with blue and red LED strobe lights. There were also multiple blue and white LEDS in the back of the vehicle and two lights on the exterior of the vehicle.

The officer asked for consent to search Leeds and his car. He agreed and the officer asked him to put the contents of his pockets on his patrol vehicle hood. Leed put everything except his wallet on the hood.

When the officer searched him he found his wallet, checked his identification and found a car that identified him as George Matthew Leeds, not James Daniels. Along with local warrants, police said Leeds was on the run from a National Crime Information Center check.

Leeds kept saying the vehicle was his brothers, but upon further investigation, the officer said he discovered the vehicle belong to Leeds and had an expired temporary tag.

The car was towed. Once searched, police found a gold FBI badge, High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area enforcement program polo, Drug Enforcement Agency polo, handcuff key, a megaphone that made a siren noise, radar detector, hand microphone, leg holster for a mag clip and a flashlight. Inside the glove compartment, police said they found a Grizzly snuff can that contained a baggie with four individual bags that contained a crystal substance that tested positive for meth.

Leeds told officers the drugs were not his. He admitted he knew the can was in his vehicle and admitted to moving it around, but was unsure what was in it. He also admitted to driving to Walmart on May 5 before he realized that his lights were flashing.