Cumberland County has been recording a record number of COVID cases in the past two months.  The spike in COVID cases isn’t new – there have been spikes before.

What’s alarming is the recent surge in deaths from COVID.  For the past year and a half, the death rate has been slow to rise with only a few deaths at a time reported during the period but now those numbers have increased at a much greater rate. From September 1st until September 23rd there have been 34 people die in Cumberland County from COVID-19  related illnesses. There are no statistics from CMC to indicate whether or not the deaths were unvaccinated or vaccinated patients – but their dashboard does show a vast majority of COVID-19 patients hospitalized are not vaccinated with one-hundred percent of ICU patients unvaccinated. All medical agencies are pushing very hard for citizens to get vaccinated but there is a certain number in the population who refuse the call citing various personal opinions against the vaccine.  One notable difference in this round of large spikes in COVID-19 cases is there are no shut-downs or reductions in everyday activity as compared to last year and earlier this year. For example, local theaters are not limiting the number of patrons and restaurants are operating at full capacity.