Mother’s-Love-Her-Importance-In-Our-LifeIt’s one of the hardest jobs in the world — all done without a paycheck. But if moms were to get paid based on what they do each and every day — how much would they earn? Insure.com ran the numbers and created “The Mother’s Day Salary Index” for this year. From the typical mom duties, they calculate: Cooking and cleaning would pay about $12,000 in wages. Added to that, more than $21,000 for childcare, $7,000 in homework help, over $5,000 for being a personal chauffeur. Then there’s the miscellaneous part of the job — the shopping, the yard work, the activity planning, and finances — they calculate that should pay $15,000. And lastly, they say moms should be paid as a private detective for all the time they spend keeping tabs on their kids. For that they would earn $1,000. The grand total — they calculate moms would get paid $62,985 this year, for the work they are doing. And while, many moms might say that love is the only payment they would accept, this is a nice little reminder of everything moms do.