On September 5, an officer with the Crossville Police Department responded to reports that a man was unresponsive on East Fifth St.

Upon arrival, the officer found the man, later identified as Davis Leon Harvey, unresponsive in the middle of one of the travel lanes. According to the police report, Harvey appeared to be under the influence of some type of alcohol and opioid.

EMS arrived and administered Naloxone. “This reversed the apparent overdose,” the police report said.

Harvey woke up and was extremely intoxicated, to the point that he was a danger to himself, police said, and he became combative with officials.

He admitted to drinking vodka, the police report said, but denied taking any narcotics. EMS transported Harvey to Cumberland Medical Center.

Due to his erratic and combative behavior, the officer escorted EMS to the hospital.

At the ER, police said Harvey continued to be violent to law enforcement, EMS and hospital staff and needed to be restrained to a hospital bed.

According to the police report, Harvey told officials in the room that he was going to “find out were we live and come harm us.”

“Mr. Harvey also made his fingers into an imaginary gun and pretended to ‘shoot’ personnel,” the police report said.

Once Harvey was released from the hospital, he was arrested and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.