Fans were shocked to find a post on Crossville Dragway’s Facebook page this morning that the owners were closing the track immediately. In the announcement there was no explanation of why the track, which attracts many fans and drivers, was shutting down suddenly.

The post reads:

We regret to inform you that the owners of Crossville Dragway have decided to close the track, effective immediately. All scheduled events at the dragway are canceled. Thank you to everyone that came out this year to race or watch. We hope you had a great time and enjoyed the racing program. We are confident that an agreement for sale or lease of the dragway will be secured and racing will continue in 2018. We look forward to seeing some great racing action next year at Crossville Dragway. Please note that the facility is available for sale or lease. Please e-mail for further details.

Here is the Dragway’s Facebook link: CROSSVILLE DRAGWAY